#Attention! #HOTSALE #MM #Fantasy #Paranormal #Gay #Romance 20+ Authors—30+ Books All 99c or less!

Lily Lamb


If you like M/M Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances, buzz on by for these sweet deals!
Score deals from popular and new-to-you authors:

Lily Lamb (Me! *titter-titter*)
Kel Ex
Devon Vesper
BL Maxwell
C.J. Vincent
Meg Bawden
Connor Crowe
Leta Blake
Shea Balik
L. Ann
Emma Jaye
Megan Linden
Lynn Michaels
Brea Alepoú
Megs Pritchard
Noah Harris
Espen Arcadia
Kasia Bacon
A.D. Ellis
Lily G. Blunt
Janice Jarrell
J. Hali Steele
Alice Winters
Michael Mandrake
Miranda Turner
J.V. Speyer
Kayleigh Sky… and

Pandora Pine
Wendy Rathbone

*Authors not for sale. Books only.



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