COVER REVEAL from Jessamyn Kingley


Book Title: Precariously
Mated (D’Vaire, Book 14)

Author: Jessamyn

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of
Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: October 24,

Genre/s: M/M Urban Fantasy Romance

Trope/s: Fated Mates, Friends to Lovers

Themes: Friendship, Love, Self-Awareness 

Heat Rating: 3 flames

A precarious road is no
match for an enduring friendship of two strong hearts.


At the tender age of eighteen, Prince Niko Kyrkosdraconis
finds himself at a dragon fair, trying his best to maintain his strict schedule of rituals that
have followed him since birth, when Fate steps in. The appearance of two strangers alters
the course of his life, and Niko sets upon an unforeseen path. Centuries later, Niko is doing
whatever he can to pick up the pieces of his shattered world. Unsteady and uncertain, he
struggles to place faith in both himself and those around him. Much to his surprise, he finds
himself with a new best friend who he grows to trust like no one else before.

Royal Duke Costas Draconis is happy to be back with the
men he calls family after ten years of caring for his irascible parents. Having a knack for
money, he is once again entrusted with making the dragons prosperous. Costas is
surrounded by loved ones and thriving on the outside, but deep inside he yearns for his
mate. Then Niko comes into his life. Costas loves the time they spend together, especially
their nightly talks on the roof deck, but he must constantly remind himself that the man is
not for him.

Niko and Costas go to great lengths to hide their feelings
for one another and everyone else, fearful that the future holds nothing but heartache. But
things are never what they seem, and Fate will always have the last word, even when you
doubt her. As the obstacles before them are slowly peeled back, will Costas and Niko find a

way to call each other mate? The road ahead is precarious, and in the end, Fate will have
her say, and only then can Niko and Costas prove that the strongest hearts will

About the Author

Jessamyn Kingley lives in
Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she
dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in
love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute

Jessamyn is married and
working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent
of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and
gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is
only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

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readers there.

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